Oban Inn - re-opening a favorite door..

In 2012, new Chef, new bathrooms, new sunrooms and even more new improvements in 2013!


For smaller groups under 25 guests, there is so much to love about the Oban Inn – a great restaurant, its lakeview location, an intimate spa and stunning guestrooms- oh, but wait...that lovely meeting room with newly enclosed year-round sunroom with access to the back garden - and the outdoor pool - well, you might have to come see it all for yourself!


Watch for your invite to the exclusive fam trip on February 8th - it's a special day for a special group - and will include a visit to the Oban Inn and our dearest hotelier, Celia Liu!


Cheers, Nat

p.s. notice the dates on the glass above the doors - so many neat details at this beloved local spot!


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Opening the first door in Niagara this December….

My favourite time to be at Ravine is after dark – the lit up farmhouse in the dark field is pretty and the hospitality inside is warm and inviting. Just last week I took a long time client there for a special dinner with one of their top clients, and based on the review, it did not disappoint! They raved about the food, the wine and John & his team in the restaurant - how they felt well taken care of and valued.

skate at Ravine


As a professional DMC, I help the event organizer, in most cases a business person, achieve their end goal and Ravine is a great fit anytime you want to create closeness and cohesion.

The family ownership led by son Paul; the history of the land and buildings - all create a comfortable backdrop and encourages the group to relax. The wines are youthful but good and get better every year (try their Sand and Gravel line) and food by Chef Nate is made from great ingredients and is comfortable enough to satisfy a group - but with enough unique flair to appease the foodies in the group. No easy task for corporate groups with a wide array of palates.

Nicola, Paul’s wife, handles the events – and it’s been a pleasure to get to know her better – she is incredibly efficient and easy going. The next time you need a place for your group to bond – call me and we’ll go visit Nicci at Ravine!

open year round - ideal group size is 40 to 250


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