Just because you can, does not mean you should….

I can change the oil in my car....but I don't - it's not worth my time or my money to research what I need for my car's make and model, gather or buy what I need and apply it to one car. Not efficient - never mind what errors I might make in the disposal of the left over oil. It's not for me.

What makes sense is to find someone who knows and understands these things - and delegate it.

Oh, it costs more - well, yes - in dollars - but is your time free? No, there is a value on your services - and an opportunity cost when you are not going what you do best. That value on your time is degraded when, as a highly trained professional in law, finance or medicine, you spend your valuable time doing anything at work but what they you are highly trained to do.

It always costs more to fix it than to do it right the first time.

Just my thought!


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