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that awesome chick at FamTrip TV…

Jennifer takes her years of meeting experience and combines it with her years of TV experience and Voila! - you can experience from the comfort of your office...check in out here...http://www.famtriptv.com/index.php?option=com_episode&view=feature&id=7&Itemid=84

Jennifer Wood - meeting planner rock star!

How Whitty Farms makes life in Niagara better…

On my way home from Toronto I stopped at Whitty Farms and ran into Karen Whitty - and chatted with her about curling, wineries (she and her husband Doug are involved with 13th Street Winery) and things in general. I got some gorgeous strawberries to take home - and I managed to snap this photo before Stacy hoovered them. They tasted as good as they looked.

Karen and her husband Doug recently won a rather prestigious prize for their husbandry of the environment and the protection of the greenbelt - read about it here - just another example of local residents and business owners making a positive difference.

So the next time you are out and about in NIagara, stop by  Whitty Farms or 13th Street Winery and help support the businesses that make Niagara better every season.

Bon appetit!


p.s. While I adore Karen's beautiful produce, my next door neighbour says Karen's butter tarts are dangerously good - and the food critic in the house, the 8 year old, concurs!

Famming - as in the verb, to fam….

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