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These are the people in our neighbourhood…

Last Sunday it came to me in one of those Oprah AHA moments (it might have actually been my first aha moment!) that what juices me up is having these visitors (you!) come into our neighbourhoods and experience a destination the way we can as locals. That creates a bond, a sense of belonging, so that you can take an ordinary experience, a conference or meeting - and elevate it to something that changes your day, your week or your life - by trying something new, seeing something new - or more typically - meeting someone new. At the end, it's the people that make the community - and I want you to meet people like MIchele Bosc at Chateau des Charmes, Karen and Jamie at the Ice House, Paul at Ravine or Sheila at Double Decker - or even our own famous lady, Ruby (who will no doubt, soon have her own website!) - these are great folks who will extend hospitality and work with you to ensure your event needs are met - and create a sense of community when they do it.

Although you will hear me raving about some of the fabulous people in our community, we have to keep our loyalty to the needs of the client - and because the variety of options is so vast, the only way to discern the best recommended options is based on the objectives of the event and what each venue or service can reasonably provide. That means being objective - so while we rave, and we do really love our community - fitting a square peg into a round hole will not create any fans for Niagara - we need to have proper fit.

So while musing these, we have a weekend planned to go see a few new places that have popped up - and a few places that are not so new, but we haven't seen in person yet - so look for our blog next week on our ever expanding community and a few cool spots around Niagara.

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