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Help! There is a Megalomaniac loose in the cellar!!

This past Sunday was about as good as it gets...gardening, pancakes, church, friends to play with, friends who came to visit - a charming, intelligent adult and one great kid, wine tasting and cellar party at Megalomaniac, kids playing at Nataschia's, followed by a wine tasting and and impromptu bbq at the Wielinks. It is days like this that drive my passion to bring you the best of Niagara - I want you all to have perfect days like that and enjoy everything this beautiful region has to offer.

The Niagara things I got to enjoy, that you should try......ice syrup on your pancakes - buy it at Ravine Winery, hanging out with the gracious folks at Niagara Convention and Civic Centre, led by the awesome Kerry Painter and the company is made even better by the great wine at Megalomaniac - my fave is the 2007 Merlot... overseen by the incomparable John Howard. I told Kerry when I grow up I want to be John Howard - she thought I was odd, then she met him and she understands - gracious, helpful and supportive of everyone else - he's an example of how people create community. A real pleasure to be around.

Then, the best photographer I know,  who happens to have this great, awesome family (maybe because she is so great and awesome!) Miss Nataschia's lovely family was watching the wee ones, and as we scooted over to pick them up - she greeted us with a glass of wine and then her amazingly nice husband Mike decided there were enough hamburgers, we should all stay for the bbq - and viola - the perfect Sunday was completed.

We confess, on the way home we scooted over to Toute Sweet for a little ice cream goodness.. After a bath and a bedtime story, Stacy and I chatted and we agreed - awesome day all around.

So call, or write and let's create your own perfect day in Niagara - all of these products and people have done corporate events with me - and you will fall in love with them just like I did, I promise!

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