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Gastro Touring Weekend….

It all started with an email from Juliet Dunn and Peter Shea to come over to celebrate their return to Niagara after months of travelling - and their recent nuptials- and it was a pleasure to look forward to an afternoon of their company.

We started the afternoon off at Henry of Pelham - and Erik had tweeted that he would be at the grill this weekend, as Caiti had the weekend off - and any excuse to say hi to Erik is a good thing. When I came to Niagara, Erik was my honourable competition - and I really didn't bump into him all that much - I heard great things about him but had just never run into him. My loss.

I finally got to work with him last year on the FICP conference dinner at Chateau des Charmes and he really pulled off a nice event - I still drool thinking of his icewine milkshakes! He was just so wonderful to work with - calm, funny, nice - it was a pleasure. He later did a Markel Insurance event for me at Stratus and more than one guest told me it was the best meal she had ever eaten - full stop. Nice, eh?

So, off we go to Henry of Pelham to grab a little something to go - and the menu is luscious, and I have visions of charcuterie swimming through my head but I can't drag the 8 year old away from the dairy case and we end up with a cheese platter. I happen to mention we are going to the taco truck and Erik tells me he met Adam and Tam - but that he had not gotten over to try the tacos yet and Adam wasn't so happy with him (it's a Chef thing!). We take our leave as we are burning daylight and we have miles to cover!

We toodle off toward Flat Rock and happen to take Staff Ave over, and decide to stop and see SueAnn at her winery - Staff Estate Wines. Check out my biking blog from the Twilight bike trip for more info on Sue Ann and her fabulous winery. She also happens to have the best winery dog - Brix is a gentle, well mannered giant if you are not into dogs - he is very respectful - but when Stacy was looking to play, he was more than happy to oblige!

After some Pinot Grigio for mom and a belly rub for Brix, we high tailed it over to Flat Rock - a few metres away - to hit the El Gastromondo Vagabondo before they were done for the night. Flat Rock was a little subdued today - I think everyone had really enjoyed Tiffany and Ross' wedding last night at the Good Earth - so there was an aptly named "Hangover" taco....(Can't wait to see the photos of that wedding from Nataschia Wielink, venue was the Good Earth Cooking School)

I had met Adam and Tam briefly at the winery a few months back when Ed Madronich had introduced us - and I told Adam I would go with the Chef's pick and that we wanted to drop a taco off to Erik too. We came away with three take out boxes each with 2 tacos in them - and Tam telling us how helpful and kind Erik had been when she and Adam met with him, even hooking them up with his real estate agent!

Once in the car, my travelling buddy promptly devoured the first of the Hangover tacos - and called dibs on the 2nd one - I gave a motherly lecture on sharing and when that didn't work, I threatened to ground him if he touched it....that seemed to work fine. smile I will second @eatingniagara - we would have taken photos of the taco, except we ate them too fast!

We dropped off the care package from Adam to Erik - and it was nice to see the camaraderie and support between them - it makes our Niagara culinary scene strong. As we left Erik, he asked us to pass on congratulations to Juliet and Peter, and we were on our way.

We got to Peter and Juliet's just as they were serving dinner - and we got to finally meet Darren Stoute of Stoute Catering, who had recently won the Iron Chef Niagara. Darren was in charge of the bbq- and he did a fine job - although I would be delighted to see what he does with a full kitchen.

And yes, just to round out the theme of the evening - Darren had competed for the title of Iron Chef against none other than Erik Peacock. Kevin Bacon can retire now - we are one degree from Erik Peacock.

At the end of the evening, I bumped into Maria, from Corks in Niagara on the Lake - Juliet and Peter play there - and I have a nice family program there this Friday - looking forward to seeing Maria again, I have heard good things about Corks from the locals in NOTL!


It was great to see old friends today and meet a few new ones - all of these folks do corporate events - dinners, parties and interesting and unique options - from sophisticated winery dinners to having the truck pull up in the parking lot at your next conference coffee break - give us a call and we'd love to discuss your event with you!

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