Why are we crushing on Niagara?

Hey, we made it easy...top ten! For the other 1,001 reasons we love Niagara – call us!

1. Diversity of Experience - where else can you go from a natural wonder to world class gaming to a family owned winery all in one afternoon? Contrast and diversity – we love it.

2. Small Town Heart, Big City Services – we love that people here are still small town friendly and that we have access to all the services of a big city.

3. The People – with the attractions, the universities and the diversity in the region, you can find an expert in just about anything – and to a person they are helpful, resourceful and willing to open their doors to their wonderful backyard to the world.

4. Physical Activities – how many of us who are desk bound move enough? We love that Niagara has over 50 golf courses (yeah, we love to golf!) and soccer fields, baseball, lacrosse, bowling, bike trails, rowing – all accessible and open to groups. Check out the Via Rail bike train for a sporty group!

5. Niagara Falls – not just for honeymooners anymore –a stunning natural wonder gives pause to the sheer force of nature, as 4 of the Great lakes spill into Lake Ontario through the Niagara river – wow. And hey, don’t forget the Hershey store and Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

6. It’s Smart – we have Niagara College (consistently ranked highest in student satisfaction) and Brock University locally doing what institutions of higher learning do best – providing vision and leadership to the community and providing our young workforce with world class education to provide you with a world class experience.

7. Talent – you need music, photographers, florists? Welcome to the right place – Niagara is overflowing with talented artists – whether you need jazz, rock or instrumental – or you want a photo journal of your groups visit to the region – look no further. And the great thing is they all work together to help each other out – which all works in your favour – your band loses an amp? No sweat, a few phone calls and someone is on their way to help out.

8. Agriculture – Niagara is a rich, fertile area – which means each road and laneway is bursting with farms – apples, peaches, cherries – you name it – all grown locally. All that green stuff gives us less pollution, more shade and a few neat side bonuses – like bike rides on peaceful country lanes in late August as the fruit is ripening.

9. Niagara Wine Region – we always chuckle when people say they have “done” the Niagara wine region because we live here and we haven’t done them all – just when you think you have them all down, a neat, cool place opens up –and there goes our next Sunday afternoon – given to the joyous task of discovering a new favourite place, and likely a few new favourite people!

10. Food – We saved the best for last – the food! We love to eat and Niagara is bursting with Chefs, farmers and stores that help explore the best of Niagara. Whether it is Stephen over at Treadwell’s or Eric at Wellington Court – or the great new spots like AG in Niagara Falls. Then it is the little spots like Willow Cakes and Pastries.

What to do in Niagara?

There are so many wonderful things to do here ... we've listed just a few of the ways we can meet your needs!