Red and White and Niagara all over!

Celebrate Niagara - Red and White and Niagara all over!

At Celebrate Niagara we think we have a unique take on the corporate wine tour – because frankly, it’s about you, not the wine!

We start by carefully reviewing your group and finding the right fit from the regions over 100 wineries, which will create a great experience and a lasting memory for your group. We like contrast between large and small wineries, and between old and new – and we like multiple storylines – along with the wine and the winery - is there an ecological, design, historical or business story at will engage and excite your group?

Our theme tours include “Sparkle and shine” featuring sparkling wines from Roses, crisp brut to sparkling icewine – or the geographically based “Getting Benched” which features the famous Bench along the Niagara escarpment.

Call or email us and we will design the right tour for your group at the right price.

What to do in Niagara?

There are so many wonderful things to do here ... we've listed just a few of the ways we can meet your needs!